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April is the month of
Custard Cream
This delicious smooth custard like cream can be prepared in a few minutes by mixing the powder without having to heat it up. It is a quick and easy preparation with an intense aroma and is perfect for filling croissants and cream puffs. It is ideal for decorating fruit tarts. This cream can be made into an exquisite Chantilly cream just by adding fresh cream to it.
March is the month of
Red whole peeled pizzutelli tomatoes in sauce
The pizzutello tomato, is a product of excellence thanks to the careful process of selection and hand-harvesting by which it is processed.

It is distinguished by its tasty, firm and meaty flesh and sweet, authentic and balanced flavor.

Suitable for many traditional Italian recipes, it is also perfect in combination with pasta dishes and vegetables.
February is the month of
Taggiasche Pitted Olives
Prime quality pitted Taggiasche olives, picked in the Ligurian Riviera and preserved in extra virgin olive oil to create a product which is a a combination of the rich flavour of the olive with the sweetness of the condiment. Perfect to garnish bruschetta and croutons. They can be added to meat and fish dishes during baking in the oven to enhance the flavour of these dishes.
January is the month of
Citrus Pesto
Juicy oranges peeled meticulously, combined with almonds, extra virgin olive oil and Parmesan cheese, all together they are a pesto that contains all the flavors of the Mediterranean. Excellent seasoning for first courses, such as the famous bavette with citrus pesto, ideal as an accompaniment to raw vegetables, and with fish main courses.
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