The best choices
Ristoris quality

We take great care over each choice that leads to the product: only in this way we can talk about excellent quality.

Raw materials are rigorously selected, wherever possible preferring products of Italian origin.
Processing takes place following the same principle and is therefore seasonal, “from fresh product”, in certified factories following the strictest international standards (ISO/BRC/IFS).
Our way of thinking is summed up in our Elite line, a meeting point between the best raw materials and innovative processing methods.


Being able to choose is one of the luxuries we wish to o er our customers. For this reason we have created a wide range, both with regard to product categories and to specific references.
Over 30 di erent types of olives: green, black, Taggiasca, stu ed, in rounds... Tomatoes that express the best of flavour, through di erent processing operations. Typical regional specialities side by side with more international choices. Selections dedicated to the catering and pizzeria sectors, with competitive prices and very high yields.
Added to the possibility of producing special products that satisfy the specific requirements of our customers. We are sure of one thing: working to satisfy everyone is a goal that is never too ambitious.

The leading edge of production means many things

Being at the leading edge isn’t just about technology. Take of our decision to carry out strict in-depth checks directly in the fields, in order to guarantee the quality and safety of production.
Take our constant updating, the research that allows us to work with the most modern production technologies, with the specific aim of preserving all the natural organoleptic qualities of foods.
Take our commitment to optimizing production processes, increasing e iciency and reducing waste to protect the environment, or our ability to o er di erent solutions, also in terms of packaging: glass jars, cans, transparent stand-up pouches, without forgetting the practicality and beauty of a content that is immediately visible.

When you receive our products you can rest assured that our collaboration has just started

You have selected and purchased Ristoris: just think, our work has just begun. We want to o er our customers the best, not only in the product: pre-sales consultancy, prompt replies, optimization of deliveries, promoter chefs available for presentations, demonstrations, and sales sta training. We are also at your service to prepare a menu that reveals the versatility, creativity and excellence of our products. We do all this for you, wherever you are in the world.

The best, also in logistics

Automatic, modern and e icient, our storage and goods handling facility allows us to satisfy all our customers, responding e iciently to any specific conditions, even in the case of very large orders.
Distribution is integrated in the warehouse to guarantee the perfect traceability of batches along the whole supply chain and ensuring the utmost precision and compliance with all the specific delivery requirements of our customers.