Champignons mushrooms
These field mushrooms are thermally treated to preserve their flavour and natural consistency, to ensure quality to those who savour them and greater yield to those who use them. Their wide variety satisfies the many requirements of different sectors of the catering industry, where they can be used to make simple, imaginative and tasty dishes.
Wild mushrooms
Cultivated and wild mushrooms are expertly combined and mixed to offer their intense and unmistakable flavour. Sautéed according to age-old traditions or preserved in brine, they are versatile and adapt to any use, in kitchens and in pizzerias.
Porcini mushrooms
King of the wood, the Porcini mushroom is a special ingredient used in haute cuisine recipes, appreciated for its delicate and sophisticated flavour. Ristoris porcini mushrooms are carefully selected and come in a wide range of variants to satisfy different palates: in brine, sautéed or in a delicate cream sauce. To retain all the flavour of this prestigious mushroom, we skilfully select and dry only the healthiest and most mature, transforming them into slices or powder, always ready for use.
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