Pizza with red chicory, Asiago cheese and pickled onions
Ingredients to choose
One serving
  • Asiago Cheese
    110 g
  • Fiordilatte cheese
    100 g
  • Pizza dough
  • Red Chicory Sauce
    140 g
  • Pearl Onions in vinegar
    90 g
How to prepare it
1. Place the disc of pasta on an oven tray.
2. Spread the red chicory sauce and top with cubes of Asiago and Fiordilatte cheese.
3. Add the whole pearl onions.
4. Bake at 220 °C for around five minutes.
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Red chicory sauce
This sauce is prepared using carefully selected radicchio which is processed soon after picking not to lose its flavour and fragrance. The radicchio leaves are finely chopped and mixed with red wine, onions and sunflower seed oil. Ideal on pizzas, in risottos, with mixed vegetables and for filling and seasoning ravioli and other types of pasta.

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